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Sandcarving is the art of etching or carving into a variety of objects using an abrasive material. It is truly an art form, and the process can be done on a variety of surfaces. Some of the most traditional surfaces are glass, mirror, crystal, and ceramic.

Here at Accent Engraving, we enjoy taking things a step further. Since starting with this process, we have sandcarved and paint-filled pieces of slate and other rocks, as well as a used titanium fan blade from a jet turbine engine! This was added to a custom made base and used as a retirement gift.

We've also sandcarved a variety of different wedding items including toasting flutes and champagne bottles. As a special keepsake we can etch the information from the wedding invitation on a curved glass picture frame.

Yet another possibility is a process which creates a 3-D look, called stage carving. See the eagle and the kitchen cabinets in the photos below to get an idea of what this is, and what we can do for you with this process.

Enjoy the photo gallery of sandcarved items and begin to imagine what unique gifts and awards Accent Engraving can create for you...



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